We have done substantial research in creating new and unique, technologically advanced, hardware and software aimed at monitoring student attendance. Our solution helps institutions in bettering their pass rates; as statistics has shown that class attendance plays a vital role in a learner or student performance.

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  • Attendance solution is a biometric system that monitors the attendance of learners in a closed environment
  • Attendance solution is a system that can also help with the safety and security of learners
  • Attendance solution is a web based system which will help minimize administrative duties, and can be accessed (for reporting and admin) by anyone with an internet connection
  • IT Network independent
  • Does not require ICT infrastructure
  • Data uploaded to central server via Network , WIFI, 3G, GPRS communication
  • Comprehensive  feature rich system
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Fast accurate data collection
  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time email and sms notification of absentees and late arrivals
  • Notifications via Email or SMS


Dining Hall  To monitor which learners are present at specific times for scheduled meals
Hostels  Monitors the absence of learners expected at the hostel
Learner & Staff Attendance  To determine the attendance of learners & Staff during register period and sending the absentees report directly in to learner management program without human intervention. (This is a great advantage to minimize administrative duties). Leaner's and teachers can also be monitored per class according to present class-roster  
Examination Register  To monitor learner attendance for scheduled exams
Permission of leave/ absence  The controlling of learners leaving the school grounds or going to hostels and for more effective security
Learner Offences  Monitor learner discipline
Access control  Enhance building security through our uniquely designed access control system


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