IQTech is dedicated to the belief that the most important resource is people who respond positively to recognition, involvement and opportunities for personal and career development.  We are most productive and fulfilled in an environment where we empower and are empowered to act.  We will address problems and mistakes constructively, learn from them and contribute to their solution.  We encourage a team approach with mutually supportive relationships based on our company’s values and principles.

We will judge ourselves on our ability to be self-critical and to provide an atmosphere encouraging open and constructive communication.  We will share the information needed to do our jobs and provide a sense of direction and purpose required to face up to problems and take appropriate actions and risks. We will communicate our goals clearly, assure that decisions are made by those people closest to the situation, and encourage and support them in those decisions.

Our workplaces will be functional, clean and safe.  Our working environment will foster mutual values, goals and goodwill.  We will constantly strive for excellence, satisfaction and, occasionally, joy.  Enthusiasm at all levels of our company is important to us.

People will be hired, paid and promoted based on qualifications, teamwork and performance.  We believe that everyone benefits when the most capable person is promoted.  People will be compensated fairly and rewarded well for their extra contributions to the company's success.  We will not need a third party to protect our fair rights and interests.  IQTech will invest in the development of its people and especially those that have been disadvantaged by the previous dispensation in the country.  Employment equity and equal opportunities will receive priority.

People are encouraged to participate in setting their own goals and judging their own performance with regular supervisory reviews.  We prefer promotion from within and support active programs of training and self-development that complement the company’s philosophies and objectives.

We seek talented, action-oriented people who are enthusiastic, honest, open and hardworking, who want to do their jobs well and who expect their co-workers to do likewise.  We want men and women who use the company's equipment and money as carefully as if it were their own, who suggest ways to be more productive and who help each other.  We want and will encourage people to go the extra mile, work the added hour, and make the additional call!  Above all, we want employees who accept responsibility and accountability for their own growth, behavior and performance.