IQTech harness, develop and combine local skills with international quality, for the local market.

Due to the shortage of locally available information technology companies that are able to understand the constraints of the local information technology problems, such as limited bandwidth, low computer literacy and very high dollar-related costs of imported solutions, a definite gap existed for a new approach to technological advancement and business growth.  As a result of this, IQTech was formed as a company that consolidates the knowledge of available talent in the Free State, and to harness, develop and combine local skills with international quality, for the local market.  Due to the huge start-up capital and amount of skills required to develop information technology and new niche products, IQTech will harness and consolidate skills from fragmented local information technology companies and strive as a priority to reverse the resulting “brain drain” to other provinces and the rest of the world.


To provide a superb and valuable service and products through substantial and tangible contributions towards the business success and growth of all our customers resulting in realizing the maximum value of products at a competitive price.


Our business is to be a leading innovator, developer and marketer of worldwide services, products and systems which provide superior value to our customers in meeting their IT and renewable energy needs, while conserving resources, preserving the quality of the business environment and providing a fair profit for our shareholders.

This mission will be realized through:

Being the "supplier of choice" in our target market by attaining the highest possible standards and level of professionalism while delivering cost effective business software and associated services. Developing a team of people that willingly "go the extra mile" in pursuit of their own goals, the success of our customers and suppliers and the continued growth of IQTech. The creation of a one stop shop where IQTech not only offer the product but also the technical advice, testing facilities and after sales service, second to none.