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Point of sale Integration: IQTech developed a point of sale integrator which allows the client to optimize the retail experience in their store by enhancing different features of the Ultisales Point of Sale system.

These features consist of: Electronics Shelf Labels Automatic updating of prices and specials to electronic labels Digital Retail Media Moving ads and specials displayed on tv screens via the POS system Secure Yard Collection & Deliveries The system helps the client with security as well as service delivery.

Real time reports can be viewed by management to enhance service delivery. Yard items are flagged on the invoice and only retail clients with valid yard items on their invoice can enter the yard. Suppliers can only enter the yard with a valid pre-approved supplier code.

SMS notification Clients are notified via SMS when their purchases are being loaded in the yard and another SMS is sent once the delivery is on its way.


African Mining & Crushing


The production management system is the main system whereby AMC will manage their employees and their machines work efficiency. The system is used to capture daily shift information, which includes production information, fuel usage, safety, utilization of time on the crushers.

The onsite manager will use a touch screen to input all the information that is used on site to function and to ensure productivity. The system can work either online or offline, and when in offline mode it will update as soon as there is connectivity.

This information is on a web based system at the head office where by the manager will do a overview of the information captured and if there is any problem the system will notify the site manager to reviews all the necessary information.

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