IQTech Vehicle Access Monitoring provides our clients with various customizable options to secure their environment using state of the art access control devices and software.


Hardware Features

  • Scans driver’s license
  • Visual confirmation of drivers face from encoded data on bar code
  • Name and ID number stored offsite on secure server
  • Scans vehicle license disc
  • Displays Make / Model / Colour / Expired licence warning
  • Manual capture of number of passengers
  • Manual capture of contact number
  • Manual capture of destination ERF number
  • Plug n Play
  • Records guard Identity – Fingerprint
  • Upload and Download via WIFI network


  • Routine check  this is intended to allow the guard to walk around a complex an scan windshield disks to check the validly and accuracy.
  • Get Identification number  Scanner will request either SA bar coded ID or Drivers licence or Passport.
  • Get vehicle Registration number  Scanner will instruct guard to scan windshield licence disk.
  • Get Stand Number  Scanner will instruct guard to ask visitor where he is going.
  • Get Contact Number  Scanner will ask for drivers contact number.
  • Get Number of passengers  Scanner will require the number of passengers to be input
  • Get Reason for visit  Scanner will require reason for visit

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